Estonian Section of IBBY

c/o Estonian Children's Literature

Pikk 73

EE-10133 Tallinn

Tel [int. +372] 61 77 234

E-mail: ibby.estoniagmail.LÖ


President and Liaison Officer

Ms Leelo Märjamaa

Viru 16/Sauna 5-1a

EE-10140 Tallin

Tel [int. +372] 53 860 890

E-mail: leelodraakonkuu.LÖ


Vice President

Ms Viive Noor

Mahtra 15-72

EE-13811 Tallin

Tel [int. +372] 634 00 80

E-mail: viivenoorgmail.LÖ


Bookbird Correspondent

Ms Mare Müürsepp

E-mail: mare.muursepptlu.LÖ

Fairy Tales of the Sea

International Exhibition of Illustrations by artists from the Baltic Sea countries opens in 2012 in St Petersburg, Novgorod and Moscow, Russia.


The Estonian Section of IBBY was first founded in 1993 and re-established in 2003.

IBBY Estonia is a non-profit organization with 43 individual and 5 organizational members. Members include librarians, writers, illustrators, researchers, publishing houses and others. The Section is financially dependant on its membership for its daily operations. Sometimes IBBY Estonia receives project-based grants from the Estonian Cultural Endowment and the Ministry of Culture. The Section holds two annual meetings: the general assembly in the spring and the Autumn Eve in November. An eight-member Board elected biennially by the general assembly is responsible for the functioning of the Section.

The key activities are:

The Section administers the annual Tower of Babel Honour Diploma which is given to a foreign author for an outstanding children’s book published in a foreign language and translated into Estonian. The Diploma is also awarded to the translator and the Estonian publisher. The aim of the award is to encourage the translation of outstanding foreign children’s books into Estonian. In 2011 five nominees were selected and the 2011 Tower of Babel Honour Diplomas were awarded to Russian author Grigory Oster, translator Ilona Kivirähk and publishing house Varrak for the book Õuduste Kool (The School of Horrors).

The Section is one of the organizers of the Tallinn Illustrations Triennial “The Power of Pictures”, a contest exhibition for children’s book illustrators from the Baltic Sea region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Russia, Poland, Finland, Norway and Denmark). The Grand Prix has been awarded in 2003 to Harald Nordberg (Norway), in 2006 to Lilian Brøgger (Denmark) and in 2009 to Varvara Alyai (Russia).

The Section also submits nominations for the IBBY Honour List, nominates Estonian candidates for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award and organizes the presentation of Estonian artists at the Biennial Illustrations Bratislava.

In 2011, a new summer program –IBBY Estonia Library in the Park – was established, where children have opportunity to read IBBY Honor List titles as well as the books awarded with the Tower of Babel Honor Diploma while visiting parks during summer months.

The main cooperation partner at the national level is the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre. The former head of the Centre, Anne Rande was the first president of the re-established Estonian Section and all the employees of the Centre are members of the Estonian Section of IBBY.

The Estonian Section has good contacts with other Baltic Sections and Nordic Sections of IBBY. The Estonian Section has participated in the conferences and seminars organized by these sections. 


Tallinn Illustrations Triennal

On 3 November, the 3rd Tallinn Illustrations Triennial (TIT), that displays the book illustrations of the artists from the Baltic Sea countries, was opened at the National Library of Estonia. At the opening, the winner of the exhibition Grand Prix, Varvara Alyai from Russia, the receivers of ten equal diplomas, and the honorary diplomas were announced. 

Click here to read the press release.

The full results are:

Grand Prix
The selection of the international jury. Award: 1000 EURO, solo exhibition at the Triennial  in Tallinn in 2012, sculpture „The Muse”

Varvara Alyai (Russia)

Diploma receivers
Ten (10) equally best illustrators

Aljoscha Blau (Germany)
Gry Moursund (Norway)
Anete Melece (Latvia)
Lina Dūdaitė (Lethuania)
Olga Ionaitis (Russia)
Victoria Fomina (Russia)
Pawel Pawlak (Poland)
Enno Ootsing (Estonia)
Regina Lukk-Toompere (Estonia)
Viive Noor (Estonia)

Honorary diplomas

Piret Raud (Estonia) – from the Estonian Artists’ Association
Juss Piho (Estonia) – from the National Library of Estonia
Aljoscha Blau (Germany) – from the Estonian Section of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY)
Maarja Vannas-Raid (Estonia) – from the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre

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