Peruvian Section of IBBY

Centro de Documentación e Información de Literatura Infantil (CEDILI)

Av. Armendariz 230

San Antonio - Miraflores

Lima 18

Tel [int. +511] 445 65 99

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Ms Elena Rodriguez Alvarez

E-mail: erodriguezal2yahoo.LÖ

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Vice President

Teresa Belloso Ezcurra

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Executive Secretary

Ms Rosario Isabel Barandiarian Chu

E-mail: rosariobarandiaranyahoo.LÖ

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The Peruvian Section of IBBYwas established in 1980 as a Documentation and Information Centre in the field of Children’s Literature, as part of the campaign initiated by the Organization of American States and by Banco del Libro of Venezuela as coordinator.

At the beginning, many countries in South America and Mexico and Spain became involved in the Project PILI: Project International of Literature Infantile, including Uruguay, Brazil, México, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and Colombia. The idea began differently in the various countries, for instance in the National Library in Uruguay, private institutions and at the university in Chile, the Foundation Portales in Bolivia. There were many meetings in different countries: Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela.

After four years of working with voluntary teachers and librarians in Peru, we decided to expand our work and began to edit collections of national stories as children’s books. The main reason for this was that books were generally imported from Spain and Argentina, so that there were regions of the country that had never seen a book for their own children!

Very slowly we began to edit collections of Peruvian legends and we asked teachers to send us stories from their communities. We were very lucky to obtain private funds to support our work. During a meeting in Venezuela, a colleague convinced us to apply to IBBY for membership as a National Section. Recently the Section has been reorganized as a services institution, thus further helping the children by promoting reading and children’s libraries.

The National Section of Colombia started a wonderful project for the Spanish speaking countries in South and Central America members of IBBY. It was very successful and culminated in the IBBY Congress in Cartagena in 2000. The network also published the Revista Latinamericano de Literatura Infantil y Juvenil a high level magazine in Spanish. Unfortunately, the Revista is no longer published.

CEDILI – IBBY – PERU is a success because we have reached our main objectives of providing documentation for rural towns, identifying advisors for the Ministry of Education, as well as for Institutions and Private publishing. We have published 34 books for children and 12 manuals for adults. IBBY Peru has also introduced hand-made educational materials for various reading events. We have also trained teachers, mothers, librarians, to organize children’s libraries in municipalities, school, farmer associations in the three regions of Peru.

In November 2005 we celebrated the 25th anniversary of IBBY Peru. During the year we organized workshops, lecture and writing and illustration contests.

The Section is based in the cloister of Virgin of Carmel. We now have all the technology needed for information distribution and enough books to distribute. 10% of the books can be sold to help cover our administrative budget.