Slovak Section of IBBY


Panská 41

SK-815 39 Bratislava 1

Tel [int. +4212] 54 41 84 88

Fax [int. +4212] 54 43 53 66

E-mail: bibianabibiana.LÖ



Ms Timotea Vrablova

Nezabudkova 50

SK-821 01 Bratislava 2

E-mail: timotea.vrablovagmail.LÖ


Vice President 

Ms Viera Anoskinova

(address of the section)



Ms Eva Cíferská

E-mail: eva.ciferskabibiana.LÖ

(address of the section)

Bookbird Correspondent

Ms Beata Panakova

(address of the section)

The original Czecho-Slovak IBBY Section had its beginnings in the early 1950s, with the establishment of two central state publishing houses, which specialized in children’s literature: Albatros in Prague and Mladé letá in Bratislava.

In 1959, the Kruh prátel detské knihy [Circle of Children’s Book’s Friends] was founded in Prague; later, the club was renamed Spolecnost prátel knihy pro mládez [Society of Juvenile Book’s Friends]. A year later, in 1960 in Bratislava, the Kruh priatelov detskej knihy [Circle of Children’s Book’s Friends] was established.

In 1964, at the 9th IBBY Congress held in Madrid, Spain, the two organizations – acting together as the Czecho-Slovak IBBY Section – were admitted as members of IBBY.

At the IBBY Congress held in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 1966, the BIB Secretary General invited the National Sections of IBBY to participate in the newly established Biennial of Illustration Bratislava by selecting the national entries. The first Biennial took place in 1967.

After the split of the Czecho-Slovak Republic in 1993, an independent Slovak IBBY Section was established.

International activities of the Slovak IBBY Section include:

Regular attendance of IBBY Congresses. Co-organization of the 1980 IBBY Congress in Prague, as the Czecho-Slovak Section.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the IBBY, the Section prepared the publication 20 Years of the IBBY and distributed it to all the National Sections.

  • Participation in IBBY award programme: Hans Christian Andersen Award and the IBBY Honour List (Dusan Kállay received the 1988 H.C. Andersen Award fro Illustration).
  • The Section appoints Bookbird correspondents from the SkBBY Committee (presently L’ubica Kepstová).
  • Participation in projects undertaken by the IBBY Documentation Centre in Norway, including exhibiting the 1991, 1993, and 1999 selections.
  • Sponsorship of ICBD in 1986: message by Rudo Moric, poster by Dusan Kállay; sponsorship of the 2006 ICBD: message by Ján Ulicinasky, poster by Peter Cisárik.
  • Organization of the Biennial of Illustration Bratislava – an international competitive exhibition of children’s and juvenile book original illustrations.


Over the years members of the Section have held a number of important posts within the IBBY central organization: Dusan Roll served as a member of the IBBY Executive Committee and was elected President of the Hans Christian Andersen Award Jury 1978-82 and then later IBBY President 1986-90; Ján Uliciansky served as a member of the IBBY Executive Committee 1996-2000 and Peter Cacko served 2000-04. Dusan Roll was made an Honorary Member of IBBY in 1994.

The membership of Slovak IBBY Section includes those interested in artistic and cultural activities intended for children and young people, their development, and promotion. Its members are mostly writers, illustrators, teachers, librarians, and workers of other types of cultural institutions.

The Section’s Secretariat is based at the premises of BIBIANA, International House of Art for Children, in Bratislava. In the BIBIANA Library, the Section has archived the IBBY Honour List, making this unique international collection available for study purposes.

National activities of Slovak IBBY include:

  • Days of Children’s Book – a nationwide event organized (and held each year in a different region of the country) as part of the International Children’s Book Day celebrations. The event consists of children’s books authors meeting their readers, exhibitions, and seminars.
  • Literary and Illustration Production – a seminar to evaluate the previous year’s book and theatre production intended for children and young people.
  •  L’udovít Fulla Award and the Triple Rose Award (Trojruza) – the two most prestigious tokens of appreciation that can be awarded to authors of stories and illustrations for children and young people in Slovakia.
  • L’udmila Podjavorinska Plaque – the prize awarded for distinguished service to the promotion of the Slovak children’s literature abroad.
  • The Most Beautiful and Best Children’s Books of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter in Slovakia – a competition to assess the most successful illustration and literary production for children and young people published in Slovakia during the previous year.
  • BIBIANA – Revue of Arts for Children and Young People (the official publication of SkBBY) – the only magazine in Slovakia to regularly revue and evaluate the artistic and literary production for children and young people (literature, fine arts, radio, television, film, theatre production…). The revue includes articles, studies, papers, essays, book reviews, polemics and interviews with the most prominent authors in the field.