Swedish Section of IBBY

IBBY Sverige

c/o Svenska barnboksinstitutet SBI

Odengatan 61

SE- 113 22 Stockholm

E-mail: infoibby.LÖSCHEN.se


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Ms Ulla Hjorton

E-mail: ullavivecagmail.LÖSCHEN.com

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Ms Gertrud Widerberg

Linnebacka 20

SE-457 95 Grebbestad

Tel (int. +46) 31 368 33 19; 702 44 12 34

E-mail: gertrud.widerbergkultur.goteborg.LÖSCHEN.se


Bookbird Correspondent

Mr Erik Titusson

Lilla Piratförlage

Kaptensgatan 6, 114 57 Stockholm

E-mail: eriklillapiratforlaget.LÖSCHEN.se

The Swedish section of IBBY was established in 1956 and then was called the International Youth Book Council (Internationella Ungdomsboksrådet, IUR). At that time there also existed the Swedish Comics Committee established in 1953 under the auspices of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, WILPF, also with the goal of the promotion of good literature for children and youth. The Comics Committee and IUR joined together in 1967 under the name Children and Youth Book Council, today called IBBY Sweden. IBBY Sweden is committed to the promotion of Swedish children’s literature abroad, as well as the introduction of foreign literature in Sweden via the IBBY network in over 70 countries.

Our ambition is to build bridges between peoples and countries through children’s literature. Members of IBBY are authors, illustrators, librarians and publishers and others concerned with children’s and youth literature.



The Gulliver Prize is IBBY Sweden’s own prize established by the Child and Youth Book Council in 1969. It is awarded every year to a person “who by work of critical, theoretical or practical character has significantly contributed to advance understanding of child and youth literature”. The prize consists of a diploma and a sum of money.

The Peter Pan Prize was established in 2000 by IBBY Sweden and the Göteborg Book Fair. The prize is awarded annually to a book for children or young adults of high quality in both literary and subject terms, satisfying one or more of the following criteria:• by an author previously unpublished or little known in Sweden• from a country, language group or culture with limited representation in Sweden• with content concerning children or young adults in less familiar countries and cultures less familiar to swedish readers

Peter Pan's Silver Stars awarded annually according to the same criteria as the Peter Pan Award. The prize consists of a diploma for the author, illustrator, translator and for the Swedish publisher.